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Chilled Ready Meals

Code Name Size
42039 Spicy Meatball Marinara 1x1kg


Fresh Soups – Simple

Code Product Size
66032 Burns Scotch Broth 1x4ltr
72836 Carrot and Coconut 1x4ltr
66689 Lentil 1x4ltr
26931 Minestrone 1x4ltr
87708 Moroccan Style Tomato 1x4ltr
58935 Potato and Paprika 1x4ltr
40290 Winter Veg and Farro 1x4ltr


Fresh Soups – House

Code Product Size
85651 Bacon and Lentil 1x4ltr
12050 Caernarfon Leek and Potato 1x4ltr
17837 Carrot and Coriander 1x4ltr
42042 Chicken Noodle 1x4ltr
80166 Chickpea and Spinach Dahl 1x4ltr
14481 Chunky Veg and Red Lentil 1x4ltr
76628 Cock a Leekie 1x4ltr
61866 Creamy Potato and Double Gloucester 1x4ltr
41916 Sambar Dahl 1x4ltr
10852 Tomato, Bean and Sage 1x4ltr
11768 Tuscan Tomato and Basil 1x4ltr


Fresh Soups – Special

Code Product Size
74727 Boston Chicken Chowder 1x4ltr
61736 Chicken and Vegetable Broth 1x4ltr
29692 Chilli, Beef and Bean 1x4ltr
84246 Tomato and Red Pepper 1x4ltr
17598 Parsnip and Red Chilli 1x4ltr
44666 Pea and Ham 1x4ltr
14474 Thai Green Lentil 1x4ltr
26132 Wild Mushroom 1x4ltr



Fresh Soups – Extra Special

Code Product Unit
24212 Chicken Laksa 1x4ltr
44246 Chipotle Meatball 1x4ltr
52667 Chorizo and Chickpea 1x4ltr
46652 Red Thai Chicken 1x4ltr
67721 Thai Green Chicken 1x4ltr
82620 Beef and Vegetable 1x4ltr
84187 Beef Goulash Soup 1x4ltr
61209 Goan Chicken Soup 1x4ltr
13065 Indonesian Chicken Noodle Broth 1x4ltr
38891 Jerk Pork Soup 1x4ltr
32130 Lakeland Beef and Potato 1x4ltr



Retail Soups House

Code Product Size
53364 Chunky Vegetable and Lentil 6x600g
60891 Cock a Leekie 6x600g
39096 Lentil and Bacon 6x600g
12275 Pea and Ham 6x600g



Seasonal Soups

Code Product Size
45845 Minted Garden Pea 1x4ltr
74204 Neep and Nip 1x4ltr
41604 Pumpkin Soup 1x4ltr
76927 Summer Minestrone 1x4ltr
28450 Turkey Broth 1x4ltr
12627 Turkey Mulligatawny 1x4ltr


Redemption Foods Sauces


Code Product Size
76363 BBQ Table Sauce 1x2kg
52140 Piri Piri Table Sauce 1x2kg
67448 Redemption Salsa 1x2kg

Chilled Condiments


Code Product Size
30238 Tomato Chutney 1x1kg

Fruit Toppers

Code Product Size
71550 Apple and Blackcurrant 1x1kg
74669 Blueberry 1x1kg
53350 Forrest Fruits 1x1kg
31783 Mango and Pineapple 1x1kg
65216 Raspberry 1x1kg
86293 Strawberry 1x1kg


Cups and Pots

Code Product Size
31522 Redemption 12oz Cup & Lid 1×1
64834 Redemption 16oz Cup & Lid 1×1


Code Product Size
12854 Black Soup Kettle 1xeach
89757 Designed Soup Kettle 1xeach
24019 White Soup Kettle 1xeach