Jan / Feb Promotions Have Landed

Our January / February promotions are here! We’ve got lots of great products on offer, including a wide range of exciting vegan products for veganuary, a delicious range from Cake perfect for Valentine’s Day, and introduced some fantastic cookie pies & brownies from Edinburgh-based Artisan Cheesecake.

We’ve also introduced a new range of products from Imaginative Cuisine that we are very excited about and really fit our labour-saving theme of this year.
Imaginative Cuisine is a multi-award-winning, labour-saving range and has been created by professionals for professionals. It is used by the world’s best chefs as well as those passionate about their every-day food – ensuring a good dish is great by perfectly complimenting whatever is being created!

Time-saving, always of the highest quality and with a taste profile that delights, Imaginative Cuisine’s range is rightfully seen as leading the way by all those committed to producing the very best cuisine.

The full new range can be found in our monthly promotion at a great introductory price and can be viewed here: https://buff.ly/3tQK8Yx